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10 trainee from the various division of Pelindo Marine Services attended ship operational and maintenance training which were held at Pelindo Marine Service Office. The training provided includes how to operate SB. Nembrala (the boat), oil changes, daily maintenance and monthly maintenance and also preparation training before the operation of the boat, as well as after the operation. All these trainings are provided to all SB. Nembrala operator. After training completion, all attendees from Pelindo should be able to apply the training on how to use F350 outboards engine onboard of SB. Nembrala.

F350 AET Outboards engine is the engine equipped with the largest horsepower compare to other outboards in Yamaha product line up. F350 has many advantages, including a lightweight compared to power output. This 350 HP outboard engine is the only engine with the lowest RPM in its class. although it has the lowest RPM, with the unique propeller design, this outboard engine could produce optimum performance torque to operate.

F350 AET in Indonesia is widely adopted and used by premium Big Yacht with various configurations. One of the main reason for this outboard engine adoption due to its low noise which is suitable for Premium Yacht operation. This boat, KM Nembrala, is planned to provide transportation service for oil drilling crew which could be located in the middle of the sea, or as a transportation for VIP from tanker or container ship.

Although F350 Yamaha outboard is a four stroke engine with V8 configuration (8 cylinders), it is the lowest and most efficient outboard engine in fuel consumption compared to other in its class. Now, F350 AETX available in new model with more modern design.

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