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Helm Master® EX is a fully integrated boat control system that makes navigating and getting to your destination easier, and once you arrive, gives a whole new level of control to precisely manoeuvre your craft to exactly where and how you want it.

Helm Master EX is built on the success of our groundbreaking, original Helm Master boat control system. It expands upon the functionality, flexibility and compatibility of our original Helm Master system, for an exciting next generation of control.

Helm Master® EX can be installed on engines using Digital Electronic Control (DEC) from F150 to XT425.**

**Does not include first generation V8 F350, V8 F300 and model 3.3L DEC F250.  Please contact us for availability and compatibility Helm Master EX.


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Helm Master® EX Benefits :


  • Enhanced joystick maneuverability with smooth, quiet, precise operation, new single-function buttons, and new features like DriftPoint Track
  • Convenient Yamaha Autopilot features like course and heading hold, Track Point (navigation along waypoints), and two types of pattern steer that integrate with Speed Control and Pattern Shift
  • Increased comfort, control, and convenience with joystick-adjustability that allows fine tuning of Yamaha Autopilot and SetPoint without leaving current mode
  • Incredibly fast and responsive Digital Electric Steering means precise control with an uncluttered bilge
  • Totally redesigned Digital Electronic Control (control box) for ergonomic comfort and ease of use
  • Available for Yamaha Digital Electronic Control (DEC) controlled outboard with single, twin, triple and quad application
  • Suits a wide variety of boats/applications – fits all current Yamaha DEC outboards and back-fits most for a wide range of re-power flexibility*

No longer do you have to install multiple third-party devices such as steering and control systems, autopilot navigation and additional heavy batteries – nor the hassles that come with complex integration systems. With Yamaha’s Helm Master® EX, you get all of the benefits of these systems and more, in a simple, clean and fully integrated, plug-and-play system. And because every component has been designed, engineered and manufactured by Yamaha, it works seamlessly together to deliver the ultimate in reliability, durability and performance.

The Helm Master® EX system can be retrofitted to all Digital Electronic Control (DEC) engines from F150 up to XTO425.*

*Excludes first generation V8 F350, V8 F300 and 3.3L DEC F250 models. Please contact us for outboards compatibility & Helm Master EX availability


Previously available only for multiple engines, Helm Master EX is now also available for single Yamaha DEC outboard installations with easy to use Joystick.

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