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With more than 17.000 island seperated by sea, Indonesia requires reliable water transportation

From Management

Dear Business Partners,

The light from  marine world getting interesting day by day.  The growth in the maritime industry at this moment of course because of professionalism, diciplines, and solid team work.

As sole distributor of Yamaha Marine in Indonesia, we step forward to introduce and socialize Yamaha Maritime products. Our strategy is innovation in the whole line of our products, continuous improvement of standard quality, and extension of our network throughout Indonesia.

Our cross business communication become one of our foundation to build a wider and more prospective business in the future. With our commitment, integrity, and responsibility, we build our reputation as a reliable partner. We keep nurturing all of the valueable things above to ensure Yamaha Maritime Product always become the leader in Indonesia. Although our effort already result in many positive outcomes, we will strive our self to keep improving and strengthen existing network. We are optimist that our efforet will provide positive outcome to Indonesia Maritime world.


About Karya Bahari Abadi

With more than 17.000 of islands across Indonesia, Indonesia is dominated by water area. To optimize and mobilize our water and maritime potential, Indonesia require a reliable water transportation with complete supporting infrastructure.

PT Karya Bahari Abadi established to provide supreme solution to Indonesia Maritime World. Established in Jakarta in 2006, PT Karya Bahari Abadi appointed by Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd Japan, as a sole distributor and official distributor of Yamaha Maritime products consisting of Yamaha Outboards, Yamaha Personal Water Craft Wave Runner, Yamaha Genuine Parts, and Yamalube Yamaha Lubricants.

With increasing demands and the expanding area of Yamaha Maritime Products in Indonesia, PT Karya Bahari Abadi consistently develop and improve the company, from west coast of Indonesia to east Indonesia. Our official Yamaha dealership and service outlet keep growing closer to all Yamaha Maritime customers. And with our good reputation supported with quality after sales service, PT Karya Bahari Abadi able to maintain trust and customer satisfaction from loyal Yamaha customers.


Professional Service Standard and Friendly.

Vision and Mission

PT Karya Bahari Abadi committed to become leader in Indonesia Maritime World and become trusted distributor of Yamaha Maritime Products by providing complete product solutions and integrated after sales.

To achieve this objective,  the company will keep distributing and selling Yamaha Maritime Products with professionalism and friendly throughout Indonesia

Corporate Values

Every effort we make always derive from a dream to improve Indonesia Maritime Life. Maritime Smile, is Indonesia Smile. This quote summarize all things we want to achieve.

We see a bright future in Indonesia maritime sector. With 17.000 island across the nation, deep sea or shallow sea, are not a barrier. They are the connecting dots. If all island are well connected, Indonesia integrity will get stronger. Besides, Indonesia offers a true eco-tourism potential, the beauty of various water ecosystem.


The beauty of Indonesia sea is something we must preserve. This underlined further the needs of good and reliable transportation, and good reliable services.

By improving integrated water transportation, we step forward across Indonesia, offering a better maritime future. We expand our business network to provide easier access to Yamaha Maritime Products Customer. Meanwhile, we keep improving our already high quality standard services to you our customer.

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PT Karya Bahari Abadi (PT KBA) contribute to indonesia by providing water transportation product complete with support and after sales service across Indonesia.

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