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Bp. ISKANDAR – Kep. Banda Neira

Yamaha Mesinnya – Yamalube Olinya” Yamalube lubricants designed specifically for Yamaha Outboards, that is why I only use it for my outboards. It has the correct and good viscosity which makes perfect engine combustion. I do not have to become worry when i were in the middle of the ocean because i know that my outboards motor protected by Yamalube. A very good quality and affordable price, makes Yamalube  lubricants my first choice.

Bp. Lisar Wali – Negeri Amdua Kab. Maluku Tengah

Yamaha Outboards is our best friend. I have been a fisherman for more than 20 years, sea is my resource for living. Yamaha E15DMHL always accompany me in every sea climate. In the middle of the sea, I have never experience problems with my Yamaha E15DMHL Outboards, it always provides the best solution when i have to move from one to another location fast to catch the fish.  Using original spare parts and regular maintenance are the key element to maintain my outboards optimum performance.

Jonsie – Transportasi Palembang

At this moment, we trust Yamaha as the only engine for all my transportation ship. F100, F150 dan F250. After 7 years, we never have any serious problems. For a transportation business provider like us, we have to keep our ship in operation ready all the time, so we need to do maintenance fast. The benefit for us, Yamaha Genuine parts and Yamalube are always available. Now, we have more ship armada in Palembang city as an addition to our existing 2 armada in Kampung Ogan.

Mr. Christie Carter – Wisata Mentawai

Its been 18 years I am using Yamaha Outboards. More than 19 outboards engine from all variant I’ve been using.  Such as E40, E15, E25 dan 5CS. For the high power requirement, I use F50 and F250. Yamaha is well known for its amazing and reliable products.

Darmin – Nelayan Kebumen

Since 2002 I go to sea by using Yamaha Outboards. In 2014 I tried to use other brands, but only last for 3 months, and then it went broken. Now already more than 1 year I am going back to sea fishing using Yamaha Outboards, everything running smoothly. Yamaha is the best. It is so reliable.

Ronny – Pemilik Sped

Alhamdulillah, its been 15 years since I graduate from junior high school, I went straight to work by driving 40pk boat. This last 2 year, I manage to purchase 2 200pk boats. Because of Yamaha Outboards, it is all possible.

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