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Where the products sold by PT. Karya Bahari Abadi manufactured ?

Karya Bahari Abadi is an official and sole distributor for Yamaha products specifically for Marine Products in Indonesia. All Yamaha products we distribute directly imported from Yamaha Japan.

All the products are manufactured in Japan and has passed the highest quality control management procedure by Yamaha Motor Company. All the products are all controlled by and supervised by Japan National and International Quality Supervision Body.

What are the Yamaha products sold here by PT.Karya Bahari Abadi ?

The Yamaha Marine products which are being sold by PT. Karya Bahari Abadi are :

  1. Mesin Tempel / Motor Tempel / Outboard Motor ;
  2. Waverunner / Water Vehicle ;
  3. Speed Boat  ;
  4. Yamaha Genuine Part
  5. Yamalube ( Yamaha Genuine Lubricants for outboards ).

When were PT. Karya Bahari Abadi established ?

PT Karya Bahari Abadi was established in 2006 with responsibility to distribute and support all Yamaha Marine products in Indonesia.

How can i reach PT. Karya Bahari Abadi and where is it located ?

Our head office located at Jalan Proklamasi No.72 Pegangsaan, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat 10320.

We have other branches located in Jakarta, Batam, Bali and Sorong. And we have an international standard Yamaha workshop located at Ancol Jakarta.

For further details you see the information at our contact pages.

Does the price offered by PT. Karya Bahari Abadi standardized all across Indonesia?

All the price are the best price based on price list by PT. Karya Bahari Abadi and prices are included taxes.

However, because of geographical location differences, in some area, certain price might be different caused by supply chain and logistic cost. 

Does products or Outboards/Water Vehicle sold by PT. Karya Bahari protected by Warranty? How to claim the warranty?

All Yamaha Outboards and Water vehicles sold by PT. Karya Bahari Abadi are protected with genuine product warranty by Yamaha represented by PT. Karya Bahari Abadi for Indonesia area. 

For claim procedure and warranty validation and registration, please check our warranty page.

Where can i purchase Yamaha Products?

We have many official dealership across Indonesia, please visit our dealership page to find out the nearest one to your area.

Where can i repair my Yamaha engine?

All owners of Yamaha Outboards or Water Vehicle can have their outboards or water vehicles maintained and repaired at every PT. Karya Bahari Abadi dealership.

You can also reach local shop nearer to your area. You can call our customer service by phone at (021) 3905193 or email to get the closest recommended repair shop to your area.

Does PT. Karya Bahari Abadi accepting new dealership ?

PT.Karya Bahari Abadi widely open the opportunity for national or local company to become our business partner to distribute and support Yamaha Marine products.

Please arrange a visitation to our head office for further detail information.

Do you need assistance?

If you have further question about our product, you can always reach us by using available contact form at contact section. You can always call our sales representative at :


Yamaha Official Dealer

Visit Official dealer and sales agent near your area for maintenance and repair, or if you need further assistance about sales and warranty.

Click available link below to view Yamaha Official Dealer

  Official Dealer

Order from Yamaha Marine

Visit Yamaha Marine website ( for direct order

  Yamaha Marine ID

Online Warranty Registration

Get warranty protection from PT. KBA for your outboards purchase.

Click the link below for Warranty Registration. PT. KBA website will open new tab for warranty registration.

Register Warranty

PT Karya Bahari Abadi (PT KBA) contribute to indonesia by providing water transportation product complete with support and after sales service across Indonesia.

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